Disclosure log January 2015

Below you will find the information we have made available in response to requests considered under the Freedom of Information Act or Environmental Information Regulations in January 2015

Date completedReferenceRequest and responseAdditional documents
5 January 20152014-164Management structure of IT DepartmentAttachment
6 January 20152014-162Precriptions of anti-depressants to patients under 16None
6 January 20152014-166Payments to Meridian Productivity LtdNone
6 January 20152014-187Personal detail requestNone
7 January 20152014-167Use of computerised mental health therapiesNone
7 January 20152014-169Inpatient deaths from 2009Attachment
12 January 20152014-163Disability beds in Rosewood WardNone
12 January 20152014-190Grievance investigation time-lineNone
14 January 20152014-171Recruitment costsAttachment
16 January 20152014-172Compensation claims for audiological servicesNone
21January 20152015-170Average waiting times between diagnosis and seeing a counsellorNone
21 January 20152015-174Electronic document management system and EPRNone
21 January 20152015-175Total spend on press and media relationsNone
21 January 20152014-176Details on organisation vehiclesNone
21 January 20152015-177Chaplains employed and hours workedAttachment
21 January 20152015-178Locum nurses - spendNone
21 January 20152015-179Agency spend on AHP and HSS staffNone
21 January 20152014-182Reverse osmosis systemsNone
23 January 20152015-181Number of clinical psychologists in C&INone
23 January 20152014-183Provision of PTSD treatment within NICE guidelinesNone
28 January 20152015-186The prescribing of ObservatoryNone


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