Disclosure log February 2015

Below you will find the information we have made available in response to requests considered under the Freedom of Information Act or Environmental Information Regulations in February 2015

Date completedReferenceRequest and responseAdditional documents
3 February 20152014-165Patients who have died under the age of 65None
3 February 20152015-185Lease and hire contractAttachment
3 February 20152015-189SaaS contracts and usageNone
3 February 20152015-191Organisation chartAttachment
3 February 20152015-193CCG spendNone
3 February 20152015-205Structure chartAttachment
6 February 20152015-197Leave policy for in-patientsAttachment
10 February 20152015-199Tissue viabilityNone
10 February 20152015-196Individuals discharged without accommodationNone
10 February 20152015-198Pressure ulcers and reporting of serious incidentsAttachment
11 February 20152015-194In-patient capacity, admissions, length of stayNone
11 February 20152015-200Payroll, transactional recruitment frameworkNone
16 February 20152015-202Refusal noticeNone
16 February 20152015-203Chaplains employedNone
16 February 20152015-222Average and maximum waiting timeNone
18 February 20152015-201Use of out of the area bedsAttachment
19 February 20152015-208In-patients discharged against adviceNone
20 February 20152015-212Treatment of Welsh patients - costNone
23 February 20152015-214Working hours of crisis teams and home treatmentsNone
23 February 20152015-215Statistics - jobs advertised for clinical and counselling psychologistsNone
23 February 20152015-213Outsourced medical transcriptionNone
25 February 20152015-210Agency nurses employedNone
25 February 20152015-211Obesity as a secondary diagnosis in childrenNone


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