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Safe staffing

At C&I we take patient safety very seriously. We aim to provide the highest quality services that reflect our values that "we are welcoming, respectful and kind. We are professional in our approach and positive in our outlook. Working as a team, we are your partner in care and improvement."

We are proud of the care we provide and welcome the initiative from NHS England to monitor and report staffing levels. In sharing details of our staffing capacity and capability we are being transparent and also responsive to any issues which could affect patient safety.

The information provided on a monthly basis tells you how many nurses and support staff are working each shift, and if there is any variance from the number of staff who were scheduled to work that shift. We use this information help us effectively manage our services, and to react to any concerns that should arise. This information is reviewed at each trust board meeting.

We welcome continued comment and feedback on this. Please send any comments or feedback to communications@candi.nhs.uk or use the feedback form below.

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