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The Trust, with its external total facilities management supplier, is drafting sustainability strategy for implementation and use across the whole organisation. This will be in conjunction with the NHS Sustainable Development Unit. This will involve all aspects of our service delivery and beyond. The Trust will be looking for volunteers and good ideas.

In prior years the Trust has spent in excess of £1.5 million on utilities across its 33 sites and will be looking to improve efficiency in the use of the earth's dwindling natural resources in line with the NHS commitment to reduce its carbon footprint. The Trust will be working with procurement to reduce carbon content of our supply chain. The Trust has already started some early implementation of waste recycling with our suppliers and more is to come.

NHS Sustainability Vision

A sustainable health and care system works within the available environmental and social resources protecting and improving health now and for future generations. This means working to reduce carbon emissions, minimising waste & pollution, making the best use of scarce resources, building resilience to a changing climate and nurturing community strengths and assets.

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