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Necessary sharing of your information

Why the Foundation Trust shares your Information

The Foundation Trust takes your privacy seriously. We understand that using our services is a private experience and that there is an expectation of confidentiality on our part.

The Foundation Trust will endeavour to keep your interactions with its services confidential at all times. To this end we will take all necessary steps to prevent anyone other than yourself gaining access to your records or even being made aware that you engage with our services.

Having said this, the Foundation Trust must inform you that some of your information is used in a variety of ways and may be seen by a variety of people. This is shown in detail below. If you have any concerns please contact the Foundation Trust's Information Governance Manager or discuss this with your Care Team.

Information Governance Manager
Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust
1st Floor, East Wing,
St Pancras Hospital
4 St Pancras Way
London, NW1 0PE

Phone: 020 3317 7100
Fax:     020 3317 2730

Email:  freedom.information@candi.nhs.uk

The Foundation Trust shares your personal information for one of three reasons:

1)      We are required by law

2)      We are required to share some information in order to receive funding for our services

3)      We must share information to minimise the risks to your or another person's health or significant interests.

Of the three reasons you may generally only challenge us on the last. We share your information with other agencies and organisations (for instance, your GP), because we believe it is the best way to manage the risks to your health and significant interests. If you believe that we should not be sharing some or all of your information with other organisations or agencies then we would encourage you to discuss this with us.

Commissioner access to your information

Your information is sent to the commissioners of our services, the Primary Care Trusts who, on behalf of your GP, pay us for providing our services. We are also paid for services provided by London Borough of Islington and London Borough of Camden to provide some Social Care services. We are also required to report to the Healthcare Commission and the Department of Health on our activities and performance. These uses of your information would almost never involve a person looking at your records. Most submissions of your data outside of the Foundation Trust are done by computer and sent securely. Only very rarely would someone need to check into the submissions we make to focus on a specific person, and even then it is unlikely that the information would easily identify you as an individual.

The Foundation Trust also undergoes external audit by the Audit Commission or other professional bodies given the legal authority to carry out audits. These audits may involve reviewing information in patient records to ensure accuracy, completeness and the competency of the staff that served you. It would rarely be the case that the auditors would ever be interested in knowing about you directly, and only in extreme cases of misconduct or incompetence in the Foundation Trust would they be interested in tracing you as an individual. 

The Foundation Trust cannot prevent your information from being provided to the above when it is seeking payment for its services. By engaging in care provided by the Foundation Trust you will have consented for your information to be used in these ways.

Obligatory Situations where we share your Information

In certain circumstances the Foundation Trust is legally and morally obliged to share your information. In many of these circumstances your consent is not required for this sharing to take place and we may not be obliged or able to report that the sharing has taken place. The following list includes, but is not limited to, such circumstances:



 Courts (civil and  criminal)


If a court serves the Foundation Trust a court order we are obliged to provide the requested information. It is the responsibility of the court to contact you to inform you of their actions.

 Department of Health


The Department of Health requires us to submit information for performance and financial monitoring purposes.

 Police and law  enforcement

Police and other law enforcement agencies can require us to submit information they require to fulfil their investigation. Most only have powers to request information when investigating criminal matters. We would in most cases be unable to inform you that your information has been shared until after the investigation had been completed.

 Professional bodies


Professional bodies, such as the British Medical Association or the Nursing and Midwifery Council have obligations to ensure their licensed members adhere to their codes of practice. Under some circumstances they can request information to assist in mal-practice or misconduct investigations.

 National Government  department

Some National Government departments have powers to request information to assist in their investigations (e.g.: The Home Office).

National Disease Registries or Research Projects

The Foundation Trust may by law be obliged to report some communicable diseases if a service user is infected (e.g.: Influenza, Tuberculosis). We may also be required to submit information to national research registries (e.g.: Heart Disease, Cancer) under the Data Protection Act 1998.

 Social Services


We are required by law to report suspicion or documented cases of abuse, neglect or circumstances of risk. Similarly we are obliged to support the investigations of Social Services, particularly in regards to children and the elderly, which may require us to release information. In this circumstance however the Foundation Trust is obliged to release only the information it considers necessary and would rarely release an entire set of care records.

Other External Sharing

Depending on the care services that you are engaged with the Foundation Trust may have other legitimate needs to share your information. These local needs are not captured here and if you are concerned or curious we would encourage you to speak to your care team about their information sharing requirements.




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