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Access to personal information

Access to Records

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Access to Health Records Act 1990 members of the public are able to request access to their personal health records. Under the Data Protection Act you are able to request any other type of record that we have which is specifically about you.

The Trust respects your right to access your records and has provided a process for access to happen. The Trust has also provided information about this process and the ability to access personal records on this website.

Questions about access to information

If you have any questions regarding access to personal information or the information about accessing personal information on these web pages, please contact the Data Protection Officer using the details below:

Information Governance Team 
Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust
First floor, East Wing,
St Pancras Hospital, 
4 St Pancras Way, 
London NW1 0PE.

Phone: 020 3317 7094

Fax: 020 7530 3021 
Email: information.request@candi.nhs.uk

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