Drayton Park Women's Crisis Service

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Drayton Park Women's Crisis Service
Service location: Drayton Park Women's Crisis Service
Address: 32 Drayton Park
Town: London
Postcode: N5 1PB
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Telephone number: 020 7607 2777
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Fax number: 020 7607 3777
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Borough(s): Islington
Opening hours: 24hrs, 7 Days a Week
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Directions: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&q=N5+1PB
Tube: Holloway Road
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Information about this service
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Drayton Park is an alternative to hospital admission for women with mental health problems living in Camden & Islington. It has 12 places available at any one time and can accomodate four children with their carer. The service recognises the need for women to have a safe place when in crisis and that, for many women, a safe place includes a women only environment. The service works with the issues that women bring such as childhood sexual abuse and ongoing abuse issues. The service works with the full range of mental health problems and uses a range of psychological interventions to manage risk and maintain safety. Assessments are offered during the day and if accepted women move in immediately. The stay is offered for 1 week and extended to a maximum of 4 weeks. Women can be offered black or lesbian workers to co-ordinate their stay if this is felt to be helpful. The service is the foundation of the Trust's Women's Strategy and leads on developing women's services for the Trust.
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How to get referred:
Care Co-ordinator; GP / Local Doctor Referral; Primary Care Mental Health Team; Self Referral; Specialist Mental Health Service
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