Drayton Park Women’s Crisis House and Resource Centre

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Drayton Park Women’s Crisis House and Resource Centre
Service location: Drayton Park Women’s Crisis House and Resource Centre
Address: 32 Drayton Park
Town: London
Postcode: N5 1PB
Contact name: Shirley McNicholas (Women’s Lead for the Trust and Team Manager)
Telephone number: 020 7607 2777
Minicom number:
Fax number: 020 7607 3777
E-mail address: Shirley.mcnicholas@candi.nhs.uk
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Opening hours: 24hrs, 7 Days a Week
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Directions: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&q=N5+1PB
Tube: Piccadilly Line – Holloway Rd; Victoria Line - Highbury and Islington
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Information about this service
Service offered:

The service offers 12 women in mental health crisis a residential stay, within a domestic setting as an alternative to acute admission. The service also offers non-residential services for women who have stayed previously on going support groups, peer support space and a range of workshops for women throughout the year. Children can be admitted with their mothers but this will be discussed on an individual basis at the point of referral.

Who the service is for:

Women who reside in Camden or Islington and are in mental health crisis requiring an alternative to hospital admission.

How to get referred:

Women can self refer or be referred by any other person, others services or others in their community. Referrals are only taken over the phone and can be made 24hrs a day. Staff taking the referral from Drayton Park will ask a full range of questions and will then offer assessment or not depending on the nature of the referral. If an assessment is not offered , a rationale will be given and other options will be discussed.

Additional information:

Once a woman has been offered a place, she will be offered a one week's stay initially and can be extended up to a four week maximum. The stay includes access to an all women team 24hrs a day and this team will offer formal support such as one to one sessions on a daily basis, and  informal support such as company at mealtimes or help to do washing or make telephone calls. All staff will also support women to take any prescribed medication correctly and access repeat prescriptions or reviews of medication for them. The team work closely with primary care and highlight concerns regarding physical health issues that require intervention. Two body therapists work in the team and offer women one to one massage sessions three times a week. Women have access to home cooked healthy food during their stay and are encouraged to maintain health eating to enhance their physical and mental health.  During the one to ones, staff will offer a range of psychological interventions aiming to reduce anxiety, intervene in negative coping mechanisms such as self injury or alcohol/substance misuse. The team are all trained and supported to explore and validate disclosures of past or current trauma such as sexual , emotional or physical violence. The team also offer a range of coping techniques and self help tools so women learn to contain and manage any future crisis. The service aims to support all women to contain the crisis within this setting, reduce risk to self so she is safe to return home and have referrals made to other Trust services and a range of community services such as alternative therapies to enhance their recovery. All women are invited to return each Wednesday to a weekly support group.

* Women report that having access to a women only environment greatly enhances their ability to feel safe at a time they are feeling unsafe. They also state that having women to talk to allows them to speak of past or current experiences of abuse.

* Women report that being offered one to one sessions each day by regular workers and an Agreement Plan which includes coming to find the women at regular intervals throughout the day is very containing and alleviates the build up of self harm urges, anxiety, impact of hearing voices and enhances their self esteem and sense of value.

* Self referral is very highly valued and gives women a sense of control and empowerment at a time when they feel unsafe and out of control.