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Our strategy and objectives

We provide safe, innovative, and high quality care for our service users and their families.

In early 2014, the Board of Directors reviewed the Trust's vision and areas of strategic focus for the future. It confirmed C&I's commitment to being a partner in care and improvement.  Our  strategy will continue to focus on delivering excellent and innovative care whilst pursuing appropriate business opportunities.

The Board of Directors has agreed the following principal objectives for 2014/16: 

  • We will provide service users with the highest quality and safest care possible within existing resources using the latest research and best practice
  • We will design, recruit, manage, and develop the best possible workforce for the future within existing resources, one that is competent to deliver the highest possible quality of care to our service users, now and in the future
  • We will keep to budget as part of our long term financial plan, while delivering value for money efficiencies
  • We will continue to develop, in partnerships with others, accessible new services, which will enable the Trust to continue to grow
  • We will develop an Estate Strategy which will enable us to progress our plans and vision for the Trust's usage of the St Pancras Hospital site
  • We will increase the effectiveness of the Board of Directors and Council of Governors through improved governance systems, greater transparency and a programme of engagement
  • We will work in partnership with commissioners and providers to enable new integrated solutions, which will meet the mental health needs of the population.

The Board of Directors has also confirmed that its strategic focus will be on the following areas:

  • C&I continues to be a partner in care and improvement.  We will be known as a high-quality, innovative and trustworthy organisation within and outside the field of mental health and recognised as such by our service users, staff, commissioners and the public
  • C&I will encourage an environment for innovation in service models and use of technology
  • C&I fundamentally believes in putting evidence into practice to deliver the best outcomes for patients and service users. We have a strong focus on research and development through our research strategy, service innovation, applying evidence and developing staff
  • C&I is committed to research and innovation. 20% of our consultants are university academics, just over half are professors.  We also have a strong track record in psychology research.  We are  led by three professors of psychology and have developed a portfolio in nursing research, and more recently social care research.  We are also extremely successful at winning grants for Research and Development (R&D).  From 2013 to 2014 the income generated by R&D was £3.3million

These areas of focus underpin our strategy to be at the forefront of delivering improvement and excellence.

We also aim to be the local experts in mental health service delivery and to lead any care pathways or integrated practice units for mental health.

We support the national drive for Parity of Esteem and ensure that all integrated practice units and all care pathways for patients with long term conditions, particularly frailty, cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive airways, and diabetes have integrated mental health input.

We provide excellent mental health care for patients presenting in crisis and in urgent and emergency situations as well as those in acute Trusts.

We ensure that unmet need in the population is met by working more closely with GPs and commissioners to deliver primary care mental health services.  These services will deliver to each GP locality group an integrated primary care mental health offer for psychological, medical and social intervention and support. We currently have a track record in being able to offer GPs advice which has reduced their need to refer patients to secondary care service by 30%. We are also able to offer assessment and brief intervention and advice that means 70% of referrals do not need more than two appointments.

We currently offer long term support for people with chronic needs.  We plan to continue developing an integrated approach with primary care which means that more patients, families and carers can be supported without needing secondary mental health service intervention.

We have a strong record in early intervention in psychosis with a high demand for such services, as we have the highest prevalence of psychosis in London and the second highest incidence of new cases per year. We strongly believe that the principles of early intervention can be provided to other groups of people struggling with common mental disorders and who are having difficulty coping. Our approach is one of integrated health and social care, psychological interventions, coping strategies and education and wellbeing services.

Our future

We look forward to working closely with our Local Health Economy (LHE) partners. We will be developing future service provision with a focus on embedding our care pathway model, developing new integrated care pathways, improving service user and carer experience, and strengthening further our commitment towards recovery focused care, and continuous quality improvement.


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