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Staff team


 Martina Drozd, Administrator / Receptionist

 Annalise Watson, Administrator / Receptionist

Management / Service Development

Dr Elena Touroni, Head of Service

 Dr Winifred Bolton,  Strategic Development Consultant

 Dr Tom Pennbacker,  Consultant Psychiatrist

 Vacant   PICT Service Manager/Lead

 Dr Sarah Sproson, DBT team lead

 Dr Emma Smith, MBT team lead

 Zoe Dent, Community Team - Interim Service Manager

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Team

 Alan Jones,  Nurse Consultant

 Dr Deodata Monero, Clinical Psychologist

 Dr Farha Choudhary, Counselling Psychologist 

 Dr Sarah Sproson, Clinical Psychologist

 Vacant   Psychologist

 Dr Olivia Southwell, Clinical Psychologist  (away until Feb 2016)

 Dr Amandip Bahia, Clinical Psychologist

 Dr Margarita Sarri, Clinical Psychologist

 Alicia Griffiths, Clinical Psychologist in training (Thursday)

 Vacant   Assistant Psychologist

 Rowena Russell , Assistant Psychologist 

 Alice Daultrey, Honorary Assistant Psychologist (Mon, Tue, Wed PM)

Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT) Team

 Dr Emma Smith, Team manager - Clinical Psychologist

 Denise Berry, Team member - Nurse

 Alex Milne, Team member - Nurse

 Dr Tawakalit Olowosale,  CT3 Psychiatrist

 Vacant   Clinical Psychologist

 Vacant   Clinical Psychologist# (Mondays)

 Dr Michelle Tolfrey, Clinical Psychologist (Wednesday / some Mondays)

 Alexa Byrne, Clinical Psychologist in training (Mon, Tues, Thurs)

 Angie Cucchi,  Counselling Psychologist in training

Community Team

 Zoe Dent ,  Interim Service Manager

 Dr Anna Saunders, Clinical Psychologist, Mind the Gap Transitions Worker

 Geoff Napthine,  Clinical Nurse Specialist

 Brigid Falconer,  Social Worker

 Dr Abi Herbert ,  Clinical Psychologist

 Ken Clarke,  Clinical Specialist Nurse

 Fisola Olukoya,  Social Worker 

 Clare Hawley, Social Worker

 Guillaume Bonamy,  Nurse

 Corrine Sampson,  Social Worker

 Lucy Martin,  clinical nurse specialist

 Alexa Byrne, clinical psychologist in training (Mon, Tues, Thurs)

Psychiatric / Medication review

 Dr Tom Pennybacker, Consultant Psychiatrist

 Dr Tawakalit Olowosale,  CT3 Psychiatrist

Service User consultants

 Jenifer Dylan, (External) Service User Consultant (from Emergence) (Mon & Thurs)

 Sheena Dean,  (External) Service User Consultant (from Emergence) (Mon & Tues)

PICT (Psychologically-Informed Consultation & Training)

 Vacant   PICT Service Manager

 Vacant   Forensic Psychologist - Islington 18-24 Gangs & Serious Youth Violence Transitions Service

 Dr Michelle Tolfrey Clinical Psychologist - Islington Specialist Multi-Agency Outreach Service

 Vacant   Psychologist - Islington Families First (Highbury & Hornsey and Holloway & Cannonbury)

 Vacant   Psychologist - Islington Families First (Barnsbury & Finsbury) and Children in Need

 Dr Olivia Southwell Clinical Psychologist - Islington Personality Disorder Primary Care & Crisis Pathway (away until Feb 2016)

 Dr Amandip Bahia  Clinical Psychologist - Camden Personality Disorder Primary Care & Crisis Pathway

 Dr Farha Choudhary, Counselling Psychologist - Islington Personality Disorder Primary Care & Crisis Pathway

 Rowena Russell, PICT Assistant Psychologist

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