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If you are interested in volunteering with us at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust (C&I) we’d love to hear from you.

We are continually working with our services to identify new volunteer role opportunities to complement the work of our paid staff and enhance the service and experience provided to our patients/service users and their carers.

Volunteering is a great way to:

  • contribute or give something back to your local community; 
  • develop your skills or experience;
  • use your existing skills or experience to help others;
  • meet new people and make friends;
  • do something interesting and meaningful with your free time; and
  • build your confidence.

All volunteers for C&I must be over 18 years of age. We will also require volunteers to undertake a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check, Occupational Health check and reference checks. Ideally we would like volunteers to commit to at least three months volunteering as a minimum where possible.

Apply to be a volunteer

At present we are specifically looking to recruit more volunteers to support our volunteer shop trolley service.
The mobile shop service visits patients in all our wards within our inpatient hospital units. The shop provides access to items including: snacks, drinks, fruit and toiletries, which can be bought by patients.
Many patients are not able to leave the hospital site or have limited opportunity to leave so these services are of great benefit to them.
The role enhances the care patients are receiving not only by providing shop service but, possibly more importantly, by providing them with social interaction outside of that of the health professionals.  It shows them that other people who aren't paid to be there also care about them and their recovery. This can be significant for some patients in helping to build their self-esteem and helping to reduce any isolation that they may feel or experience in relation to their mental ill health.
The volunteers also provide patients with more opportunities for engaging in conversations outside of those related to their care. Providing diversion, company and more normalised everyday interactions which can sometimes be lacking in a hospital environment.
Patients often express a desire to move into a volunteering role after speaking with the volunteers, inspiring goals for when leaving hospital, which demonstrates the important engagement and support that this role provides.
This role also plays a vital part in helping to break down stigma around mental health through volunteer involvement and knowledge of our services, which they can and do share with others.
This is a good role for anyone wanting gain knowledge about the NHS, Mental Health and an understanding of a mental health hospital setting.
At present we are looking to recruit more volunteers to support with the following roles:

Alcohol Assertive Outreach Team Volunteer

This role will involve supporting people accessing the service to attend appointments, groups and undertake hobbies and leisure activities to help to reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Fitness Support Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers that are passionate about fitness to support our services working with people with mental health issues to help promote better physical health, which is proven to have a positive impact on people’s mental health. 

Trolley Shop Volunteers

We run a trolley shop service for patients, staff and visitors at our inpatient hospital sites. The trolley shop sells a variety of items including: food, snacks, drinks and toiletries. It is an important service for many who may not be able to leave the site, which also provides social contact for patients as well as the shop facility. 

Library Trolley Volunteers

The library trolley gives patients who may not have regular opportunities to leave the site with a diverting service providing books, magazine and newspapers that can be borrowed. It provides social contact for patients as well as more activity options to them; hopefully enhancing the daily life on our wards. 

Activity Support and Befriending Volunteers (Services for Ageing Mental Health)

We are looking for volunteers who would like to help in our Services for Ageing and Mental Health division. Within a nursing home setting in Islington, dementia day centre in Camden and our older adults wards at Highgate Mental Health Centre. We would welcome people who would like to support our older adult patients and service users by helping staff and service users with a range of activities.  We have both weekday and weekend opportunities available within this division.

Membership Champion Volunteers

Membership Champions help to recruit new members and to raise awareness around membership events and other involvement opportunities to help meet our Membership Strategy objectives.  If you are interested in becoming a Champion, please download theFile role description here and call 020 3317 7082 if you would like to apply. 

Service User Feedback Support Volunteers

Do you use our services or do you have lived experience of mental ill health or substance misuse?  Do you have good communication & listening skills? Are you interested in helping to improve C&I services? Our Acute Division, which comprises of our psychiatric inpatient wards, crisis houses, recovery day services, crisis teams and liaison services; are looking for volunteers who use our services or with lived experience to help support with collection of our Friends and Family Test information. These questionnaires will help to gather important information and views directly from service users and patients that will be used to improve the services that we provide.


If you are musician or singer that would like to volunteer to share your talents with our service users and patients please get in touch. A number of our services would really appreciate having you come along to provide a regular or ad-hoc musical/singing entertainment session.

Befriending Volunteers (Recovery and Rehabilitation Services)

Our Recovery and Rehabilitation Services provide services to people with enduring psychotic disorders. We are looking for volunteers that can help service users by offering befriending and support to help them improve social inclusion, providing company and a listening ear, helping them to build their confidence and assisting them to identify community groups and activities relevant to them. If you think you could help please contact us.


To apply for our volunteer roles online, please visit our job pages here and select the Volunteers box.  If you are unable to complete an online application please contact us and we can send you a paper application form via post.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more please contact our Voluntary Services Manager, Joanne Scott at volunteer@candi.nhs.uk or telephone on 020 3317 7146.
Please note that the Voluntary Services Department does not arrange for work/student placements or arrange for any honorary contract roles. Our volunteers do not carry out (or shadow) clinical work.

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