Coping Tips

It may be helpful to:
  • Work out just what the problems are and what makes things better or worse, so that I can work out a plan for the future.
  • Think about and try to do practical things which might help.
  • Think positively and realistically - imagine things working out the best that they can.
  • Turn my attention to other activities I enjoy or want to take up (hobbies, sport, reading etc)
  • Talk to my partner or friends, or other people who have experienced the same problems, about how I am feeling.
  • Discuss problems calmly with my relative - try to work out together how to handle problems and difficulties.


It may be less helpful to:

  • Daydream, imagine or wish that the problems would just go away.
  • Put off attempting possible practical solutions.
  • Prepare for the worst all the time.
  • Take my mind off things by smoking, drinking or eating excessively.
  • Avoid other people or keep my feelings to myself.
  • Criticise or blame myself or my relative for his/her illness. 


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