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Quality Accounts

A Quality Account is a report about the quality of services provided by an NHS healthcare service. The report is published annually by each NHS healthcare provider and made available to the public.

Quality Accounts aim to enhance accountability to the public and engage the leaders of an organisation in their quality improvement agenda.

If you have any queries please contact Acosia Nyanin, Associate Director, Governance and Quality Assurance on: governanceandquality.assurance@candi.nhs.uk

Do you have suggestions for quality indicators or for priority areas for improving care quality?

The trust is initiating preparatory work to produce its Quality Accounts for 2014-15. As with previous years, we would be very keen to hear from anyone who has suggestions for quality indicators that they believe would be useful to include in the document to reflect the standard of care provided by trust services. Indicators are categorised in one of three domains:

  • Safety
  • Effectiveness
  • Patient experience

We are required to provide information on three indicators for each domain. These indicators need to be both of good relevance to gauging the quality of care and practical in terms of data collection. If there is a history of data going back for at least three years that is helpful too.

Additionally, we need to identify priority areas for improving care quality in 2015-16. We should identify up to six priority areas that would in total cover all three domains.

If you have anything you would like to suggest, please contact Acosia Nyanin (Associate Director, Governance and Quality Assurance ) Acosia.Nyanin@candi.nhs.uk

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